The Third Resurrection


The Third Resurrection

This novel is a breathless, fast-paced thriller in which a group of fanatical Templars go to extreme lengths in the search for material with which to clone Jesus Christ, in order to manipulate and use the clone to exact revenge against the Catholic Church.
Gustav, a grizzled, intrepid former Templar from a legendary Hungarian caste is chosen for this extraordinary mission. Also key to the project is the beautiful Joanna, selected for her virginity, youth, intelligence and Palestinian heritage and who has been preparing for years to gestate the embryo of the sacred clone. When Gustav and Joanna meet one another during the insemination process, Gustav vows to offer her his unconditional protection and help her whenever she needs him.
In a modern take on Herod's legendary decree, the Vatican finds out that Jesus Christ may soon be cloned and sends a team of mercenaries to perform abortions on all the women who were artificially inseminated within the previous few months in the laboratory where the project was implemented.
Through the chaos of conflict and persecution Gustav and Joanna manage to stow away on a boat, in a cargo hold used to transport pregnant cows, and there Joanna gives birth to Jesus. The Son of God returns.

The author ends this epic narrative, with Jesus dead after once again enduring horrific torture, leaving his faithful followers and the rest of humanity waiting for another resurrection.

English translation

An english translation is prepared to be published as an eBook.
MK, 18.4.2014
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  • Alois Heigl, Wien